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Quality of WBL in Serbia

In dual education, the students go to school to classes and learn by working in the company, according to the Qualification Standard and curriculum. The school is responsible for the curriculum on the whole.

The school realizes the theoretic part of the curriculum, as well as practical, and monitors in cooperation with the employer (company), also the WBL parts of the curriculum which take place at the company.

The employer realizes the WBL part of the curriculum and is responsible for systematic WBL and for the quality of WBL in accordance with the qualification standards and curriculum.

The Chamber of Commerce is responsible for controlling whether the employer fulfils the conditions for performing WBL for a certain educational profile or profiles. The most important conditions the company need to fulfil are: Performing the type of work which will enable WBL in accordance with the curriculum; having the facilities, equipment and didactic material for the specific educational profiles; having the appropriate number of licenced instructors according to the curriculum; taking the necessary security and health safety measures in accordance with the law.

By a proposal by the Committee, the Chamber of Commerce issues a Certificate on fulfilment of conditions to perform WBL, and keeps a Register thereof.

The instructors are the most important factor for quality in-company training. The instructor, in cooperation with the Coordinator of WBL, conducts, leads and supervises WBL in the companies, under the terms and conditions which ensure security and health safety at work, in accordance with law.

In the process of grading, the Instructor cooperates with the Coordinator of WBL.

The Law on Dual Education has conditioned the companies that the instructor must be trained and have passed the exam to obtain the Licence. The Chamber of Commerce conducts the training, comprises the Exam Committee and performs the Instructor Exams.

The instructor monitors the progress of the students continuously, in cooperation with the Coordinator of WBL, in order to gain the competences prescribed by the Qualification Standards.

The content and manner of conducting the final exam ( Matura), are prescribed by the curriculum.

During the exams, qualified representatives of the employer are present, without any financial remuneration, they are named by the Chamber of Commerce.


The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development is responsible for supervision through the education inspection. The supervision of security and safety at the company is performed by the ministry in charge of labor –  through the labor inspection.  Supervison over the tasks which are performed by the Chamber of Commerce is done by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.


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