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Key Institutions for WBL in Montenegro

According to the Law on Vocational Education and Training,  the system of work-based learning in Montenegro (dual education system) is implemented in cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Centre for Vocational Education and Training.

The the Ministry of Education ensures funds for the salaries of students of the first and second grade in dual education system. The salaries of students in the third grade are the duty of the employer. The amount of the salary in the first grade is at least 10% average net salary, at least 15% average net salary in the second grade and at least 20% average net salary in the third grade.

The Centre for Vocational Education and Training provides full technical and professional support to schools and adult education providers in the implementation of curricula and training programmes, professional development of management and teachers, establishing contacts with commercial entities, for the sake of more efficient and better education of students and learners.

The Centres establishes criteria an employer needs to meet in order to be able to participate in dual education and checks if they are in fact met. The Centre also licences the employers carrying out WBL and monitors their work in the implementation of the WBL.


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