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Key Institutions for WBL in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH (acts on state level), is responsible for fulfilling tasks which are in the jurisdiction of the state of BiH, consisting of basic coordination of activities, harmonization of the plans  of entity authorities and defining international strategies, education being one of them. (article 15 law on ministries and other authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, “official Gazette BiH” number 5/03).

There are three consulting bodies for the education sector in BiH.

The Conference of Ministers of Education in BiH (consulting body responsible for VET), is comprised by the two entity ministers of education, the 10 cantonal ministers of education and the Head of Department for Education of BDBiH. All 14 ministers discuss relevant issues regarding education and trainings. All decisions are adopted by consensus.

There are three education agencies on state level: including VET (web portal APOSO, VET section ( well as two more agencies on higher education level.

The agency for preschool, primary school and secondary school (APOSO) as an expert institution, founded by the Law on Agency for preschool, primary and secondary school(“Official Gazette BiH”, number 88/07) , is competent for setting standards of knowledge and evaluation of the results achieved; development of the common core of curricula in preschool, primary and secondary education; development of vocational education as well as other expert tasks with regards to standard and quality as prescribed by specific laws and regulations.  The Law on Founding and the Framework Law on Secondary Vocational Education and Training in BiH enable its jurisdiction over VET.

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