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The Republic of North  Macedonia

Education and VET system

The education system of the Republic of North Macedonia comprises a mix of pre-school, primary (6-14 years) – lasts for nine years and is compulsory and free for all pupils, secondary (15-17/18 years) and higher education (Short – cycle, Graduate education, Master’s degree and Doctorate).

In the Macedonian Qualifications Framework there are eight levels and six sub-levels

The education system is organized around four languages of instruction in primary schools (Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish and Serbian) and three languages of instruction in secondary education (Macedonian, Albanian, and Turkish).

Since the school year 2008/09, the secondary education has been mandatory for each citizen under equal conditions. It is implemented through programs and curricula for the following:

  • general secondary education (gymnasium);
  • secondary vocational education;
  • art education; and
  • education for pupils with special educational needs.

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Key features of WBL

In the Republic of North Macedonia, acquisition of relevant skills is achieved through: 

  • Practical education and 
  • Work-based learning. 

Practical education is an organized school form which allows students to acquire knowledge, skills and habits which are necessary to perform the work under the qualification, and enables them to quickly get involved in the processes of specific technologies of work. Practical education allows the students to acquire skills such as: team work, communication, organization skills, professional approach etc. 

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