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Eduction and VET System in Kosovo*

The education structure in Kosovo is in line with the International Standard Classification of Education as presented in the table below:

Levels according to ISCED [1] Formal levels of Pre-university Education in Kosovo[2] Age


Adult education/Life long learning education in broader scale (forman and non formal) 23/24+
ISCED 6 Post university education 23/24+
ISCED 5 University education
ISCED 4 Level 5 of National Qualification Framework Post – secondary non tertiary education 18 +



Level 4 of

National Qualification Framework

Upper secondary education

Gymnasym grades  X-XII

Vocational schools (grades X-XII)




Level 3 of

National Qualification Framework

Upper secondary education

Vocational schools (grades X-XI)


Vocational schools

ISCED 2 Lower secondary education Grades VI-IX 11-14
ISCED 1 Primary education Grades  I-V 6-10


Pre-primary education 5-6
Pre-school education birth-5


[1] International Standard Classification of Education.

[2] The last three parts (ISCED 4, 5 and 6) are not part of pre-university education.

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