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Work-based learning is learning that occurs when people do real work in a real work environment Work-based learning helps employability of young people Work-based learning provides real skills for real jobs

Towards regionally-based occupational standards – TO REGOS project

15th March 2019 officially marked the beginning of the ERI SEE and Western Balkans Alliance for Work-based Learning project Towards regionally-based standards of occupation - TO REGOS, funded by the Austrian Development Agency with the funds secured by the Austrian Development Cooperation. The project plans to contribute to the employability and labour-market mobility of young people in the SEE region by investing in quality and labour-market relevant vocational education and training (VET). More concretely, the project is focusing on a strong partnership between business and education, thus ensuring definition and…


Work-based learning in the Western Balkans

Work-based learning (WBL) has been high on the policy agendas of the Western Balkans economies for the last couple of years. Together with the EU Member States, the Western Balkans economies have all agreed on a new set of medium-term deliverables that includes WBL and thus given it an impetus and due relevance. In the Western Balkans, vocational education and training (VET) is mainly provided in 3- and 4-year programmes which are deeply rooted in the formal education system. The 4-year programmes usually lead to certificates that allow learners to…


Western Balkans Alliance for Work-based Learning

In the framework of the conference »Building a Western Balkans Alliance for Work-based Learning«, organised by Austria in the framework of the Berlin Process, the joint statement endorsed by conference participants called on Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe (ERI SEE) and the Western Balkans Chambers Investment Forum to explore ways of joining forces for initiating a »Western Balkans Alliance for Work based Learning« in order to promote high quality, labour market relevant VET  through strengthening elements of dual systems and other forms of work based learning and enhancing…


The Work-based learning (WBL) Knowledge Platform in the Western Balkans

The project of building up the on-line platform on the Work-based learning in the Western Balkans was one of the results of joint work of the Western Balkans Alliance for Work-based Learning (WBA for WBL).

The idea is to have one central place that would offer relevant information on progress and developments, and state of affairs, on the subject of WBL. The Platform sees all the actors in the process as partners, working together for the benefit of individuals, economies and socity as a whole.

The on-line platform is providing information to different categories:

  • To schools, parents and pupils wishing to participate and enrich their experiences and employability prospects by engaging in work-based learning
  • To companies wishing to be included in cooperation with the education sector, by providing various forms of work-based learning
  • To relevant ministries and government agencies involved in the organization of the work-based learning, from policy to implementation level
  • To chambers of commerce, actively included in the communication with the business sector, provision of trainings and skills identification, and advertising the relevance of the work-based learning and the role business have in it
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