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Key Institutions for WBL in Serbia

Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Chamber of Commerce and Institute for the Improvement of Education have established the institutional partnership and cooperation to implement dual education at national level.

Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development is in charge of controlling and supervising the implementation of the Law on Dual Education.

Ministry in charge of labour issues is responsible for controlling working conditions and safety at work-place at the employers’, via the labour inspection.

Chamber of Commerce is in charge of checking whether the conditions that must be met by the employers in order for them to implement work-based learning, and proscribed by the law, are really met. To do so, Chamber of Commerce is in charge of training specific Committees. The Chamber also issues the Certificate on meeting the criteria for work-based learning, in case they are met, or Decision that the criteria are not met, in accordance with the conclusions of the Committees.

The Chamber is also in charge of managing and maintaining the register of employers which are concluded to be meeting the criteria for work-based learning, and covering the costs of the Register and issuing the certificates.

Upon conclusion of the agreement on dual education between a school and an employer, the Chamber issues the basic information about the plan and programme of classes and learning, and other relevant information, on its website.

The Chamber also manages the trainings of instructors who will be implementing the work-based learning; and trains the Commission that will be in charge of instructors’ exams.

The Chamber issues the licence to those who have passed the instructors’ exams, manages the register on licenses issued and bears the accompanying costs.

The Chamber also nominates the employers’ representatives to participate in the final or matura exams that check the acquired competences of pupils, in accordance with the qualifications standard.

Institute for the Improvement of Education is in charge of creating the proposal for the plan and programme for classes and learning (on the basis of the qualifications standard established by the sector councils) and deliver it to the Ministry for adoption. The Institute also appoints at least one representative for the Committee for instructors’ exams, in agreement with the Ministry. The institute also proposes the training programme, conditions and other issues relevant for instructors’ exams. The proposal must be adopted by the Minister.

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