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Education and VET System

Educational policy is created at the central level. Ministry of Education is responsible for the overall educational policy.

Public financing of the up-to-the-university education is carried out entirely from the central level, with some contribution from the local self-governments. As regards financing of the public higher education institutions (HEIs), the Government, upon the opinion of the Council for Higher Education, determines the amount of funds for financing of public institutions and students at those institutions for each academic year.

Allocation for education from GDP is around 4.5%.

Educatonal providers: Education and upbringing is provided in preschool institution, school, educational centre, resource centre, by adult education provider,universities, faculties, academy of art and upper secondary non tertiary schools, all of which can be public or private.

At up to the university public educational institutions, education is of secular character and the religious activity is not allowed except in the secondary religious schools.

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