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Education and VET System

In Serbia education starts with compulsory preschool education for children between the age of 5.5 and 6.5 years. It is followed by compulsory elementary education, which lasts for eight years. During elementary education pupils pass two cycles: 1st to 4th grade (elementary education) and 5th to 8th grade (primary or lower secondary education). Thereafter, pupils continue with secondary education, where they either attend four year general schools or three to four year VET schools. In higher education students have the choice between academic and applied studies. Both tracks include Bachelor and Master/Specialised programmes, whereby academic studies additionally allow for subsequent PhD studies.

Vocational education and training in Serbia is based on the Law on the Basis of the System of Education, the Law on Secondary Education the Law on Dual Education. In this way, secondary vocational education is introduced into the Serbian education system, the second law regulates the organization of secondary vocational education towards the organization of secondary vocational education, participation of actors, teaching and learning locations, and the Law on dual education regulates this aspect of education in detail.


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