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How to start WBL for companies

Is your company interested in taking in students for practical education offering them hands-on experience?

Here is a per country overview what the specific criteria are a company must fulfill in order to take part in this program.


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Bosnia and Herzegovina

The most common form of Work-based Learning in Bosnia and Herzegovina is based on alternate learning in schools and practical training in companies which can range between one and three days per week during the school year.

In this type of partnership, the company considers the issues of linking learning outcomes related to teaching in the school with training and learning in the economy determining the content, timing, dynamics and selection of parts of the training program in a company. It is necessary for the company to bring  this in line with its own work plans, and distribute the candidates by working departments and appoint the competent responsible persons accordingly.




“In-Company Training programs,” “Business Membership Organizations” (BMOs) development, “Retail Internship Scheme” development, and the establishment of “Local VET employment networks” are the mechanisms considered into the successful WBL implementation as well offering the knowledge and skills in real work situations to the students and future employees.

According to these documents, to implement WBL, the companies should take the following steps:

  • The company signs a cooperation agreement with the vocational school;
  • the company appoints an instructor responsible for the student who has been trained beforehand by MEST;
  • the instructor is informed about the curricula of respective profiles;
  • the company instructor, in collaboration with the subject teacher or the instructor, define the selection criteria for WBL;
  • the company instructor designates places for students in the company;
  • the company instructor, in collaboration with the subject teacher or instructor, develop the work plan for WBL;
  • the company instructor supports students to achieve the expected results as planned;
  • the company instructor keeps a work diary and student portfolio with all student records, the checklist, assessment forms, etc;
  • the company instructor assesses the students (assessment is done continuously, including the final assessment);
  • the company instructor informs the respective school on the WBL process;
  • the company instructor delivers student portfolios and student assessment forms to the subject teacher or instructor;
  • the company through a person responsible monitors the company instructor.




At the time of the launching of the Call for Enrolment, the Ministry of Education, VET Centre, VET schools, parents, students and companies are informed about VET curricula and VET schools which will offer work-based learning, as well the allowed number of students to attend WBL.

Upon their own initiatives, companies contact VET schools in order to establish cooperation in work-based learning. During the meeting with the school management, companies are informed on their future obligations when they enter into individual contracts with students, duration of the period for which the Ministry will pay the fees for students, type of support that will be provided to companies by VET schools, teachers and practical training organizers…



North Macedonia

If a company or craft store wishes to take part in WBL, it must fulfill the following conditions:

Standard for premises

– A company is registered as a legal entity, and a craft store as a person or entity;
– A company has to be registered in the Register of the appropriate chamber in order to be able to receive students for practical training, and a craft shop must be registered in the Register of craftsmen;
– The employer has his own or leased space in accordance with the activity for which he is registered and meets the prescribed minimum technical conditions;
– The employer should provide premises where the students will be able to implement and realize the activities for achieving the goals of the curriculum for practical training;
– The employer must observe the general standards for the working conditions, in accordance with the Law on Safety and Health at Work…



How to start with WBL for companies

A company must take the following steps before it decides to take part in WBL, i.e. to accept students for practical training:

  • Get to know the legal framework which governs dual education.
  • Decides which educational profile it can organize practical training.
  • Define the number of students it can accept
  • Make contact with the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia
  • Name and training the in company instructors
  • Plan student trainings
  • Formalizes contracts/ agreements between the company and the school and between the company and student.
  • Plan the progress of the students
  • Plan periodic and final evaluations /exams.


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