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Work-based Learning Themes

The subject of Work-based learning is a multi-faceted one, involving many actors, an extensive regulatory framework, different roles and responsibilities and tools that assist in its implementation.

For easier comprehension, the subject of Work-based learning is here classified under several categories:

  • Policy and Regulations – giving a brief overview per participating economies of the regulatory framework and systems at place, defining established modes, scope, roles, responsibilities. In addition to a brief overview, the original documents are presented in the menu category Documents, and linked here.
  • Implementing WBL moving away from the strategic and legal framework into the operationalization and implementation of WBL with a short description per participating economies and links to original supporting documents. This part includes information about:
    • Types of WBL
    • Contracts
    • Programmes and Standards
    • Guidance and Checklists – including material supporting the implementation of the WBL, as well as capacity building activities supporting key players in day-to-day implementation of the WBL
    • Capacity building – for active players in the WBL implementation
  • Access to WBL – describing how access to WBL is organized paer participating economies.
  • Financing WBL – describing financial obligations, incentives or mechanisms used for better implementation of WBL
  • Quality of WBL – focusing on quality assurance mechanisms used in the implementation of WBL, such as monitoring, mentoring, assessing etc., resulting in increased trust in the WBL systems and thus increased attractiveness as well.


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