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Quality of WBL in Kosovo*

The quality of the work of in-company instructors is ensured mainly by regular visits of the responsible teachers and instructors. To improve the quality and ensure the sustainability of WBL, three different qualifications have been initiated to be developed, as below:

  • In company Instructors, intended for school instructors and teachers;
  • In Company Master Trainer for HR managers (Level 5); and
  • In Company Trainer (Level 4) for company technicians/instructors.

The courses will be offered by the licensed master trainers that will be licensed by the MEST and by the accredited training provision institutions by the NQA. The accredited institutions shall be entitled to issue the certificates to the successful candidates only.

The quality of work of the school coordinators is ensured by the school director and the Quality Assurance Coordinator.

In the Centres of Competence in Ferizaj and Prizren, the implementation of the Professional Practice is done throughout the specific indicator developed as the part of the School Monitoring and Evaluation System. This indicator presents the data about the number of tpractical hours to be realised in the school and the number of the hours to be realized in the company. Based in the responses of the teachers and instructors on the number of hours held, the information collected and processed, presents the GAP in its realization.

While in other VET schools, the monitoring is done through the WBL implementation plan and corresponding checklists for the monitoring of the work and assessment checklist.

In order to improve the WBL in the national level, MEST has established the Working Group responsible to develop the Administrative Instruction introducing and empowering the elements and instruments of WBL/dual education system in Kosovo.

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