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Financing WBL in Serbia

In principle, there are two ways of funding the secondary Vocational Education and Training system in the Republic of Serbia.

One way is through public funding with funds from tax-payers for covering various expenses within the secondary VET system. These various categories of expenses imply: cost of teaching staff and instructors; cost of equipment and material at schools and other learning places; remuneration for pupils or apprentices; cost of administration and maintaining infrastructure, exams, advanced trainings for staff; cost of support services for particular target groups or companies (for example socially deprived groups with learning difficulties, subventions for branches or companies in an disadvantaged positions).

On the other hand, according to the Law on Dual Education of the Republic of Serbia, the employer participating in dual education has the obligation to ensure:

  • The means and equipment for personal protection of a pupil at his/her work-place
  • The remuneration of real costs of transport from school to the place where dual education is performed and back, to the amount of ticket in public traffic, unless the employer has secured his/her own transfer
  • Insurance for pupils in case of injuries during the work-based learning at the employer’s

Employer can cover the costs of accommodation and food in student dormitory.

The pupil participating in dual education is entitled to receive remuneration for dual education.

The remuneration is paid once a month, by the end of the current month for the previous month at the latest, on the basis of each hour spent in dual educatin, in the net amount of at least 70% of minimum price of work in accordance with the law.

The remuneration is paid by the employer.

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