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Access to WBL in Albania

  • The curricula of secondary VET system are organized in two levels, that is the frame curricula and school curricula.
  • The time alocation of WBL in the curricula is the same in all occupations, which belong to the same yearly VET structure, that is 2+1+1, or 2+2, or mono block of 4 years. The curricula are organized in three main categories, general theory, professional theory, and modules of vocational practice. WBL is integrated in the last category.
  • Practice in businesses is implemented in different ways, which are defined by each school, rather than prescribed centrally.
  • Different standards in school-business cooperation regarding practice training depending on the school.
  • The quality of learning varies by type of business, but also by interests or capacities of the students.
  • Company based training plans developed mainly by the instructor, and in some cases together with company trainer/employee
  • The organization of the visit to companies is made mainly by the instructor, and where in some cases by PASO.
  • Insufficient school-based infrastructure for running practices
  • Insufficient funding to create the spaces for school practices and/or for operational costs;
  • Cooperation agreements between schools and businesses.
  • The supervision of practice only by school instructors and not by businesses;
  • No staff in businesses to run structured trainings, and no businesses’ motivation to take over this task;


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