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First TO REGOS regional consolidation meeting

The first regional meeting for consolidation of painter and dry construction worker occupational standards has been organised on Wednesday, 07th October 2020 within the TO REGOS project. The meeting was organised by the Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe – ERI SEE Secretariat and moderated by Ms Ejvis Gishti, National Agency for VET and Qualifications, Albania.

The meeting marked the beginning of the regional activities that will gather over 30 regional business and education experts on the joint task of consolidating and validating two regional occupational standards for painter and dry construction worker.

Following the finalisation of the first regionally based occupational standard for the hotel and restaurant technician, the members of the TO REGOS Consortium worked on the developing two occupational standards within the construction sector on the national level. The series of online and face-to-face national meetings in six Western Balkan economies somewhat hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic, had been finalised by September 2020. The second step, consolidation and validation of national inputs into regional occupational standards, will be organised through the series of online working meetings gathering experts from the construction sector and occupation standard experts from VET agencies. The second meeting is planned for Friday, 09th October 2020.

For more information about the TO REGOS project please visit the WBA4WBL platform where you can find the general information about the TO REGOS project and the main project outputs including the first regionally-based occupational standard for hotel and restaurant technician.



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