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Access to WBL in Kosovo*

According to the Law, all VET schools are entitled to implement WBL. So far a limited number of schools have the opportunity to realize it. This situation is due to lack of willingness by the businesses to collaborate with the schools, and lack of the qualified in-company instructor, who should  monitor the students.

According to the legislation, all of the students should take part in WBL, but the reality is that only a limited number of students can be placed in the company. For the schools possessing workshops equipped with certain equipment, the WBL for students of Grade 10 it takes place inside it. For the students of grade 11 and 12 the schools search for businesses interested to establish the partnership on receiving the students for WBL within their premises.

All of the companies that show interest and possess satisfactory conditions for realization of the WBL are allowed to be part of WBL access. This takes place after the Memorandum of Cooperation is signed by both parties.

Enhancing the access to WBL is highly considered as the main activity of the MEST in the last several years. WBL has been introduced in the several strategic and legal documents.

The VET Law shortly describes the methodology of the curricula implementation, including the part of the WBL inside the schools and out of them.

On top of that the WBL is foreseen in the main strategic documents of the country, starting from the National Development Strategy 2016 – 2021, Kosovo Education Strategic Plan 2017 – 2021, and the Strategy for Improvement of the Professional Practice in Kosovo 2013 – 2020.

Initially the schools identifies the respective sector companies operating in the municipality, region and nationwide. After its identification, the school staff responsible for contacting and establishing cooperation with the business proposes the partnership to the company. The companies interested in such partnership sign the Memorandum of Cooperation where the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved are defined. For its implementation, the school in close collaboration with the business drafts the implementation plan based on the criteria defined in the Memorandum.

After the school and company have reached an agreement, the students and parents shall be informed about it and its content and conditions. Since the VET school students are under 18, before they start with WBL in the companies, the students should get written permission from their parents and a signed agreement with the school. The students will be interviewed by the companies with the aim that the election is made solely by the decision of the company

The company is entitled to start with WBL right after signing the Memorandum of Cooperation with the VET school and its students. The company should select the students through the interviewing process which will be organized by the school. Besides that, the company should appoint the respective staff/in-company instructor dealing with the students and communicate with the school teachers and create the environment for implementing the WBL as per criteria defined. The school instructor/teacher checks the criteria that the company should have on the WBL implementation.



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