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Feasibility Study on the Developing Regionally Based Standards of Qualification

The Study was developed within the TO REGOS project. It aims at contributing to the employability and labour-market mobility of young people in the SEE region by investing in quality and labour-market relevant vocational education and training (VET). More concretely, the project is focused on formulating the methodology for the development of regionally based occupational standard, developing five regionally based occupational standards within tourism and construction sector and developing the corresponding qualification standards on national level. Lastly, the project aims at exploring the possibility of developing regionally based qualification standards in six TO REGOS participating economies. This study was commissioned as the last output to provide methodological framework for developing regionally based qualification standards, produce comparative analysis of institutional and legislative framework in the six economies and recommendations with an action plan elaborating the potential for development of regionally based qualification standards

The study can be downloaded in:

For more about the project please visit the TO REGOS web page.

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