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Work-based learning helps employers hire better-prepared employees who understand workplace expectations


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Work Activity
The systemic entity of purposeful, cooperative human action, where several actors work in an organized way upon a shared object of work to transform it into an intended outcome, by using different kinds of means of work and means of cooperation and coordination. The intended outcome forms the purpose (motive) of the activity. Information entities, information tools, and information systems are used within work activities alongside with other means of work and means of cooperation and coordination.
Work-place learning
Learning which takes place on site in the workplace, which can be statutory (e.g. health and safety), occupational and related to specific jobs, or wider programmes such as literacy, numeracy and language.
Working group
A collection of individuals that come together to achieve a stated objective. In a business context, a working group might involve people from different divisions or even companies that are collaborating on a project that requires their particular expertise or time.
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