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Work-based learning helps employers hire better-prepared employees who understand workplace expectations


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A sector defines a group of related economic entities or enterprises (e.g., financial sector, mining sector, and agricultural sector).
Skills analysis
An identification of the skills or competencies needed for each job.
Standard of competence
A performance specification describing what is expected of a person performing a particular work activity. It is expressed in elements of work together with performance criteria. Tasks, functions, competencies. Jobs consist of tasks. Within individual tasks, functions can be identified requiring certain competencies. Such competencies become “competency elements”. A competency element may be described through its title, the task to be implemented, performance criteria, and underpinning knowledge and skills
Structured interviews
Eliciting information from a person or group of people in an informal or formal setting by asking relevant questions and recording the responses. Face-to-face consultations with employers, based on prepared questions or questionnaire.
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