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Work-based learning helps employers hire better-prepared employees who understand workplace expectations


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Focus group
A group formed to elicit ideas and attitudes about a specific product, service, or opportunity in an interactive group environment. The participants share their impressions, preferences, and needs, guided by a moderator.
Function is a group of duties that constitute one of the distinct and major activities involved in the work performed. A Duty is a distinct activity that is a logical, essential step in the performance of a function and a detailed description of: what work is done (action), how the work is done (procedures, materials, tools or equipment) and why the work is done (purpose).
Functional analysis
Functional Analysis (FA) is not a method for occupational analysis in a strict sense. Rather, the idea is to start with the identification of the key purpose of an occupation in the major sectors where it is found, identifying the main functions, breaking these in turn down to subfunctions until outcomes for each function are identified following a strictly logical sequence. Functional Analysis, as practiced in the United Kingdom, uses a consultative process that involves practitioners, managers, and, in some cases, the users or “consumers” of standards. The modules are analysed one by one to identify the perform- 25 Developing OS Developing OS mane requirements. The FA method has been used in several countries in Europe and the Middle East and is being experimented with in South America.
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